Paula Marshall, Ph.D.

CEO, Bama Companies

TCC Degree: Business

Graduated: 1986

As Bama’s Board Chair and CEO, Paula helps provide strategic leadership and direction to the entire organization. Her vision stands as a beacon for Bama team members, inspiring the organization to achieve the Bama mission – “People Helping People Be Successful…with caring and accountability.”

Paula joined the Bama Companies during her high school years and assumed responsibility as Chair & CEO in 1990, which now includes Bama Pie, Bama Foods, Bama Frozen Dough, 25% owner of Bama China and Bama Europa. In 2018, Bama acquired a 25% interest in a UK company named Evron Foods. They provide bread for Subway in the UK.

Under her leadership Bama has expanded to provide a wide variety of hand-held specialty baked goods to fast food chains around the world.

Over the years, Paula went on to earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. An author of four books, she most recently co-authored The Executive Entrepreneur with New York Times bestselling author Jim Stovall.

Revealed: Sept. 16, 2019