Gayle VanTrease

College Professor, McLennan Community College; Adjunct Instructor, Baylor University

TCC Degree: Elementary Education

Graduated: 1992

Education has been a part of Gayle’s life since she was born and going to college was always part of her future. After all, her father, Dean VanTrease, was a strong advocate for higher education as one of the founders of Tulsa Junior College, now Tulsa Community College, in 1970 and the College’s second president.

After earning her associate degree, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education and master’s degree in teaching American Sign Language. She taught for 26 years as a teacher for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and an American Sign Language teacher for three districts in Texas. Then, she became a college professor at McLennan Community College and an adjunct instructor at Baylor University.

Being born Deaf didn’t slow Gayle down. She is credited in helping establish resources at TJC to aid all students succeed in the classroom. “As a Deaf student, TJC helped me break free of any barriers that might have existed to succeed. Education has been my life. Like my father, I believe in the opportunities that stem from a college education and I am so excited about the opportunity to teach full time at the community college level after earning my master’s degree,” she said.

Gayle’s certifications include Deaf Education PK-12th, American Sign Language EC-12th, Texas Assessment of Sign Communications – American Sign Language (TASC-ASL), and American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) Level 4 Certification.