Emeka Nnaka, M.H.R.

Youth Services of Tulsa/Motivational Speaker

TCC Degree: Enterprise Development

Graduated: 2015

Emeka is very involved in the community, speaks to corporate and civic groups, and advocates for others through his work with the Tulsa Area United Way and The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges. Named one of Tulsa World’s People to Watch for 2019, he has continued to speak to groups across the country as a motivational speaker.

Emeka earned an associate degree in Enterprise Development from Tulsa Community College in 2015. “TCC was the steppingstone that I needed to launch to my future,” he said.

After graduating from TCC, Emeka went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services and a master’s in Human Relations with a focus of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. His work with young people as a mentor at Youth Services of Tulsa, as a counselor at various Tulsa-area schools and his motivational speaking engagements share the same message of determination and hope.

He suffered a neck and spinal cord injury in 2009 that left him paralyzed from his chest down and he now uses a wheelchair. Telling his story, he uses his own life-altering experiences to motivate young people to make a new start – to find strength through adversity. He uses the R-E words: rebuild, rewrite, renovate, renew and regenerate.

Earlier this year, he served as the keynote speaker at the third annual Tulsa World All-World Awards ceremony, which honors the best area high school athletes. He also currently serves as a board member for the Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority.

Revealed: Nov. 4, 2019