Dani Moore

Retired Drilling Engineer

TCC Field of Study: Undeclared

Attended: 1971-1973

After graduating from Tulsa’s Will Rogers High School in 1971, Dani’s mother became ill and passed away. Abandoning her plan to attend a larger state college, Dani enrolled in classes at Tulsa Junior College, now Tulsa Community College.

“On the day I enrolled I met my mentor, Mary Beth Hixon,” she said. “Not only was she an amazing Chemistry faculty member, but she also became my friend. I not only received a great education, but I also came to realize I could go on to earn a degree in something I was really interested in, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.” Dani would go on to earn a dual bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

She began her career with Sun Oil at the Tulsa Refinery as a Plant Engineer. She was transferred to Houston to work in Crude Oil Supply for the Sun Refineries. “As a Crude Oil Trader for Sun Petroleum Products, I was the first female to nominate proposed production before the Texas Railroad Commission in Austin, Texas,” she said. “After a transfer to Lafayette, Louisiana, I began working as an Engineer for ARCO Oil and Gas. I became a Drilling Engineer, designing and implementing the drilling of those wells. I worked in the Gulf of Mexico and on various land locations. I was one of the first female engineers to work in the Gulf of Mexico and I was the first female Company Man in the Gulf. As the Company Man, I was charged with onsite supervision of the drilling operations including safety and logistics.”

Along with her husband, Allan, also a TJC student, Dani worked as a Consulting Drilling Engineer for many companies, both large and small. Her work took her many places, including Brazil, Italy and Iraq, as well as many places in the United States.

Revealed: Feb 3, 2020